With our Honeymoon gift service your family and friends can contribute to your Honeymoon of a lifetime. Whether they wish to give a monetary value, purchase an unforgettable honeymoon activity,experience or honeymoon treat. We understand that hosting your wedding is a large cost for you so, with the help of friends and family through our gift service, you can still enjoy the Honeymoon of your dreams.


Why our Honeymoon Gift Service is your perfect match

• Our Honeymoon Gift service is free & easy to use

• If you and your partner are finding it difficult to allocate funds towards a Honeymoon, our gift service allows you to still have the Honeymoon of your dreams, with a little help from family & friends.

• If you & your partner already have everything you need for your house then a honeymoon gift list is a great idea and will create memories that will last forever.

• Our honeymoon gift service is an alternative to asking directly for money and guests feel they are contributing to something meaningful.


How do I set up my Honeymoon gift list?


Simply come in store & speak with one of our Honeymoon travel experts who will help you set up your gift list and help you select activities or honeymoon wish list items.


How do family & friends contribute?


Your family & friends can come in store and give a monetary value or purchase a Honeymoon experience. A great way to let your wedding guests know about your honeymoon gift list, is to include an insert with your invitations or if you have created a personalised wedding website you can include details online.